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Provincial Labour Office Ranong

Office workers in Ratchaburi Province. Committee Meeting manpower development, Ratchaburi Province.


Office workers in Ratchaburi Province. Committee Meeting manpower development, Ratchaburi Province. The 3rd floor conference room palace procurement Hall Ratchaburi Mr. Chai Suemt Wnich excellent young. Ratchaburi governor. President Conference Committee manpower development, Ratchaburi Province. The government is involved to participate together. The Office of Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Labor projects optimize storage of labor markets. And workforce development plan in a province with the Thailand Development Research Institute (TDRI) by the provincial labor office. Explore the needs of the business establishment. And production staff of institutions from 3 m above the level of provinces. To process and analyze data from surveys with agencies under the Ministry of Commerce Labor Industry Council. And club personnel management Ratchaburi Province. Institutions in the Province. Plan (strategy) to develop manpower Ratchaburi 2551-2554. Ratchaburi province has appointed the Board of Directors since 2549, but still not successful as expected. Due to lack of participation of concerned agencies. Plan to develop an effective workforce. Can plan to have a concrete drive. Board of Directors has appointed an additional 2 of the committee-driven workforce development plan Ratchaburi. Defines the direction of policy and workforce development, Ratchaburi Province. Management team and workforce development plans, Ratchaburi. Served input to labor markets and production of educational personnel. This event. Consider a plan (strategy) to develop manpower Ratchaburi 2551-2554 powered committee to consider. The plan to invite the Working Group meeting to hear suggestions from the committee-driven. Be amended to complete the following. Summary of the needs of workers. The number of workers want management to comply with the economic growth of Ratchaburi. Ratchaburi part because of economic growth in the national (GDP) must have the training to increase knowledge workers. To perform the requirements of the workplace. Reducing the problem of labor shortages continue.